We're proud to let you know that Tauranga Naturals 100% Pure Natural Honey are imported from Kuranda – Australia which is known to be WORLD’S FAMOUS HONEY.


On the other hand, We’re also the Sole-Distributor in Southeast Asia for Ballina Honey from New South Wales-Australia.


Our aim is to help promote optimum level of wellness by means of incorporating honey in your daily intake. Aside from that, we are to correct the Misbelief of honey connecting to onset of Diabetes mellitus as to honey is beneficial to normalize blood sugar that is vital to Diabetes Mellitus. As we know, more people having health issues with regards to lifestyle issues which includes high blood Sugar Level, Asthma, High Blood pressure and many other kinds of illness that the honey can help attain wellness.


We also concern about the GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) which now as a day are common source in the market which is the leading cause of severe health problems more specifically Cancer. That’s why Tauranga Naturals Only Offers Organic Safe Honey for your daily consumption.


Many studies have shown the effectiveness of honey in achieving optimum level of wellness and prevention of certain diseases. There are studies connecting honey as one of the daily supplements of old ages few years back, the reason why they have a longer life span that the current society.

Tauranga is located in North Island in New Zealand, where the Director of Tauranga Naturals first came to work and get knowledge and ideas about bees and honey.


Tauranga Naturals is just arrived in Singapore in 2015 and will expand the business/market throughout South East Asia. We just completed setting up our office in malaysia, Philippines and Brunei. Soon after in other parts of South East Asia Countries such as, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong and even to middle east market.


Apart from raw and Pure Honey, we also carry honey products such as Fresh Royal Jelly, Honey Lollipops and propolis capsules and few other Honey Products that is very beneficial to attain health wellness.


Please know the difference between RAW, PURE and NATURALS Honey which are in the market. The health benefits between these kinds of honey and how will they affect your health status and also which honey fits within a certain age group. These are some of the needed information that we need to know that would help us reach optimum level of wellness in our daily lives.


it's recorded in google that 76% of honey they found in supermarkets all over the world are not pure like how they claimed. therefore, we're giving the best raw and organic honey to our consumer to enjoy the benefits and the natural taste of pure honey.


Tauranga Naturals Pte Ltd, is a honey company that had its genesis in Australia in the 1990’s.


Tauranga Naturals produces its own honey and also get supplies from selected beekeepers which are free from GMO. We distribute and export our Australian made honey and bee products in Europe. We also distribute selected honeys sourced from overseas as New Zealand, which is well known for its high grade antibacterial Manuka Honey, and Honey skin care products.

The company has grown from strength to strength over recent years and prides itself in product development, manufacturing and distribution. Tauranga Naturals distributes its products throughout Australia.


We just set up our main branch in Singapore in 2015 to focus on our Customers around South-East Asia. Our company is also the exclusive Sole-Distributor of Ballina Honey which is situated in New South Wales, Australia for its market in South East Asia.



Australia aspires to provide the highest quality and most innovative honey products in Australia with creations such as Eucalypt, Bloodwood, Macadamia, Avocado, Tropical Tableland, Poplar Gum, Bramston Beach, Wild Flower All Certified Organic Honey.



We are dedicated to provide our customers only the highest quality and taste of all natural RAW.



We are committed to make RAW honey readily available and accessible to market place for consumption and other usage.